The Kylene Privett Site
One Year Gone

It's true. It does not get any easier.

Kylene, we miss you so very much. There is not a day that goes by in which we do not think of you.

We would like to add something more, something meaningful, some insight we've gleaned over the past year beyond the sad sentiments already expressed in our posting six months ago. And we don't want to sound sad or maudlin anymore, for Kylene was not like that and would certainly not want her memories to evoke tears and sorrow. Kylene loved laughing and playing, going to movies and singing karaoke, watching soaps with her mom and old Universal horror films with her dad and playing games with her grandma, and talking on her cell phone to anyone. She was an extroverted, good person who wanted to see the best in everybody but could be frank (sometimes embarrassingly so) when she found less. She was anxious and willing to help anyone in any way. She volunteered for any community activity that could use her and she applied herself diligently. The world means so much less with her absence, and not just for her family.

For those reading this who never had the opportunity to meet her, we feel sorry for you. You missed a very special young woman.

We were blessed with her life, and now blessed with her memories. Although still obscured through a veil of grief, those blessings shine through. Perhaps one day the warmth and brightness of those memories of Kylene will burn that veil away entirely. If anyone's could, it would be hers.

~ Mom & Dad

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This page was last updated August 13, 2008.

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